Application Process

Photo: Application process

We are now closed for applications.

Please come back in the new year for details of the 2018 application process. You can also join our mailing list by contacting 

Key dates for the Lord Mayor's Dragon Awards 2017 were:

Shortlist announced: Tuesday 22 May
Winners announced: Tuesday 26 September at the Awards Dinner

Detailed summary of the application process:

  1. All applications must be made on the official application forms which have set word limits. These have been set to assist the judges in making the fairest decisions possible. If you have any problems with the application forms please contact us for help. Application guidance and support is available from the Lord Mayor's Dragon Awards team, please contact us directly.
  2. If you have any photographic material relevant to your application, please submit it with your application form. (Please see note about visual material at the bottom of this page). Do not send any other supporting information such as annual reports, CSR reports or other literature associated with your project.
  3. After submitting your application, you will receive email confirmation that it has been received. If you do not hear from us within two weeks of submitting the form, please contact us.
  4. A preliminary judging panel made up of Corporate Community Involvement professionals will meet and decide on a shortlist of applications based on our scoring criteria.
  5. You will receive an email informing you whether or not your application has been shortlisted. Feedback is available for all non-shortlisted applications; you may also check the website for a posting of shortlisted candidates.
  6. The Lord Mayor’s final judging panel will meet to decide on the winners from the shortlisted applications based on our scoring criteria.
  7. The winners for the 2017 Dragon Awards were announced at a dinner at The Mansion House on 26 September 2017. We will contact you about invitations during July and August. Feedback is available for all non-winning applications.
  8. You will receive a feedback form asking you to review the application process. Your comments will help us continuously improve the Lord Mayor's Dragon Awards scheme.

A Note on Visual Material

Please provide a High Res organisational logo and any photography that represents your initiative. These will only be used if your application is shortlisted, for publicity and during the Dragon Awards dinner. They will not be used as part of the judging process. To send us your visual materials, please use the link which will appear on this page once you have submitted your application. Photos