Accelerator Award

The Accelerator Award is for businesses that are multiplying their impact in Greater London by enabling others to succeed. Accelerator businesses recognise the importance of a strong and vibrant SME, social enterprise or charity sector, both commercially and to the wider community through job creation and service provision. They are helping these organisations to start up, grow or become more sustainable. The Award recognises those businesses that are leveraging their expertise to support other organisations to thrive contributing to a more prosperous and impactful London for all. 


One or more of the following should be true of the initiative entered into this category:

  • Your business is benefitting Greater London communities through initiatives that support SMEs, Social Enterprises or charities to start up, grow or become more sustainable
  • Your business is reducing barriers to supply chain opportunities for SMEs, Social Enterprises or charities
  • Applications can focus on either a single project or a wide ranging initiative

For example
  • Reducing barriers to supply chain opportunities for SMEs, Social Enteprises, or charities within your business
  • Working with a community organsiation to improve its long-term financial stability
  • Providing pro bono or peer to peer coaching schemes, training staff, improving back office functions etc
  • Helping a community organisation to develop commercial services to diversify income generation
  • Develop a non commerical  product, service or model that disrupts conventional approaches to tackling growth and access for these organisations


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