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Heart of the City Award

The Heart of the City Award recognises businesses that have set up a strategic approach to community engagement for the first time in the last 3 years (Since February 2014). In the spirit of this Award, we are looking for businesses that would consider themselves new to community engagement, having only engaged informally in ad hoc activities before implementing a formalised programme of community engagement in the last 3 years. The Heart of the City Award judges the totality of your strategic programme, therefore all individual initiatives, which make up your programme are taken into account (with the exception of environmental initiatives).

Businesses do not need to be members of Heart of the City to apply.


  • For this Award, 'strategic' is characterised as a deliberate and structured plan for community engagement with aims and objectives at an organisational level
  • Prior involvement in ad hoc fundraising or volunteering will not make a business ineligible for the Award e.g. your company organised a fun run in 2012, a series of charity challenges in 2013 and then implemented your strategic initiative from 2014
  • Ad hoc community activities (e.g. fundraising by individual staff members or staff volunteering with charities on personal time) will not count towards the three-year time limit
  • Business that have previously implemented a strategic approach as defined above are ineligible for this award, even where there has been a recent move to a more strategic approach or restructure
  • Businesses that have NOT previously won in any of the categories can apply to the Heart of the City Award as many times as they wish within the three year time frame. 
  • Business do not need to be members of Heart of the City to apply, any eligible (as explained above) business within Greater London is welcome to apply.

For example

  • After successfully completing a programme of ad-hoc activities, your company has instituted a more formal and strategic policy that has been in operation for the past two years. 

Depending on your programme, not all of the below may apply but a majority of these indicators should be in place: 

  • Support from senior management and/or progress reported to senior manager(s)
  • The community engagement activities have relevance to your business activities, business values, staff and/or local community
  • A strategy exists
  • A policy for volunteering and/or fundraising exists (including, for example, guidance around volunteering time off or matched fundraising)
  • Qualitative and/or quantitative measurements to track progress are in place
  • A strong, long-term commitment to one or several community organisations
  • The community programme is linked to staff learning and development
  • The community programme is communicated externally

About Heart of the City

Heart of the City provides free support for businesses that are interested in Corporate Community Involvement and other areas of Corporate Social Responsibility. With the help of leading businesses with strong Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, Heart of the City gives advice and guidance to businesses that wish to develop or improve their Corporate Social Responsibility.

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