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Inclusive Employment Award 

The Inclusive Employment Award is for companies removing barriers to employment and progression for disadvantaged, underrepresented or minority groups, and delivering programmes that equip potential applicants for the world of work, creating a more diverse and inclusive London workforce. The Award recognises those companies that realise the business benefits and advantages that a more diverse workforce offers, such as fostering innovation, better decision making and utilising hidden talents from the local community. 


One or more of the following should be true of the initiative entered into this category

  • Your business is supporting Greater London communities through employability and skills development initiatives for disadvantaged, underrepresented or minority groups
  • You are reducing barriers to employment or progression for disadvantaged or underrepresented or minority groups within your business
  • Applications can focus on either a single project or a wide ranging initiative

For example

  • Programmes can include work such as targeting local residents and school-leavers for job opportunities, increasing employability skills or creating bespoke employment programmes benefitting marginalised groups such as ex-offenders
  • Directly targeting local residents and school-leavers for job opportunities and apprenticeships
  • Running programmes that encourage underrepresented groups to take up employment opportunities in your field of work e.g. working with female students to increase the take up of STEM subjects
  • Removing barriers to entry level employment within your business e.g. removing degree classification from application forms
  • Creating programmes that support the development and progression of employees currently underrepresented at senior or board level.

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