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The Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards are now closed for applications. Please come back in the new year for details of the 2018 application process. You can also join our mailing list by contacting 

Before applying to the Awards, we ask all aspiring applicants to read our terms and conditions and to check that they are eligible for the category they wish to apply for. A list of categories can be found here.

Eligible Applicants

Community Partners Award - Charities, schools, community groups, and social enterprises having an impact in Greater London may apply. Businesses and public bodies may nominate.
Regional Impact Award - Businesses and public bodies with a London headquarters having a regional impact may apply. Charities, schools, community groups, social enterprises and other businesses may nominate.

All other Awards - Businesses and public bodies having an impact in Greater London may apply. Charities, schools, community groups and social enterprises may nominate.

Applications from Small and medium-sized organisations (SMEs) are encouraged. The judges will assess each application in relation to their size and resources and reserve the right to award an SME winner in each category in addtion to a larger business. SME's are defined as having under 250 employees and €50 million turnover (£42.6 million).

Public bodies must be able to demonstrate that their project is outside of their normal business mandate.

Social enterprises are eligible to apply for the Community Partners Award only as, unlike a traditional business, their community engagement work is part of their constitution and therefore counts as day-to-day business.

Corporate charitable foundations are invited to apply for any of the five business Award categories. In order to score highly, you will need to be able to demonstrate the impact and benefits of your project or partnership on the corporate entity.


We encourage organisations to nominate others for Awards - let them know their work hasn't gone unnoticed! When nominating an organisation for an Award, be this a business or community partner, the nominee must be informed before the application is submitted.

Your Initiative

The Lord Mayor's Dragon Awards recognise and celebrate community engagement that does not constitute part of the day-to-day work of the organisation applying. Applications will not be judged to be successful if the projects or work described are judged to form part or an extension of the organisation’s core activities. 

Community engagement includes any activity in which your organisation is addressing a social issue by using your influence and resources to benefit Greater London communities e.g. residents, charities, schools, community organisations, small businesses and social enterprises. This list is not exhaustive.

With the exception of the Regional Impact Award which rewards community engagement outside of London, the community work described in your application must benefit Greater London communities. Your community work can benefit beyond Greater London, but it would be outside of our scope. Wider activity would not be counted in your application, so should only be referenced to give wider context for your work.

Applications are encouraged from both organisations that work with a number of different community partners, and those organisations that have chosen one partner to invest significant time and resources into.

Where two or more organisations are working in partnership on the same project, only one application should be submitted.

Evidence you need to supply

The Awards judges will only be able to take into account the information you supply in your application in the scored questions. With a tight word count, it is important to make every word count. In order to make the best application possible, you will need to be ready to supply:
Evidence on:
    • Benefits to the community - the people who have benefitted from your work
    • Benefits to the community partner - how your project has helped the community organisation
    • Benefits to the business - how the project has benefitted the business
Qualitative evidence of impact:
    • Quotes from community beneficiaries
    • Quotes from employee volunteers
    • Quotes from business or community leadership, such as CEOs
Quantitative evidence of impact:
    • Statistics that demonstrate improvements for the community, such as the percentage of people in the project who reported improved skills or the number of people who gained a qualification
    • Statistics that demonstrate improvements for the community partner, e.g. money saved from a new IT system brought in on the advice of employee volunteers
    • Statistics that demonstrate improvements for the business partner, e.g. the percentage of employee volunteers who reported an increase in their communication skills as a result of volunteering

Judges tips

Don’t assume knowledge – ask someone who doesn’t know the project to tell you where the gaps are

Inspire us – show how you have responded to a real need, leveraged your capabilities to respond to that need, and made an impact

Talk about the future – we want to know what happens next, how will the impact be sustained – often forgotten

For community partners – explain your role in managing the partnership, why are you the best partner to a business


Help with your application

As well as 1:1 support and guidance by contacting us, we provide hints and tips in the application form and Scoring Guides for each of the categories that tell you what content and evidence is needed for each scored question. Links to the Scoring Guides are available in the application form but you may also read them on the individual category pages.