Terms and conditions

Please note the below Terms and Conditions Apply up to the 2017 Awards. Updated Terms and Conditions will be published when 2018 applications open.

Before deciding whether to apply please read the following conditions:

  1.  The Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards recognise and celebrate organisations having a positive impact on London's communities in ways that go beyond their day-to-day work. Applications will not be successful if the projects described are judged to form a part or an extension of the organisation's core activities, or if activities are part of any legal obligation. For example, businesses required to engage with communities as part of their Section 106 obligations will need to demonstrate how their community contributions significantly exceed their legal requirements in order to be eligible
  2. If you are submitting more than one application to the Awards, each initiative, programme or project should be submitted in one category only. There is no limit to the number of applications each organisation may submit provided the initiatives detailed are different.
  3. Corporate charitable foundations are invited to apply for any of the six business Award categories. In order to score highly, you will need to be able to demonstrate the impact and benefits of your initiative on the corporate entity.
  4. With the exception of the Regional Impact Award, the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards focus on work carried out in Greater London. If you are describing a national project with a London element, make sure the London part is clearly identified, quantified and described fully. Only give as much detail about the wider project as is necessary to set the context.
  5. The judging panels reserve the right to transfer applications to a different category if they believe them to have been incorrectly assigned.

Previous applicants:

  1. A programme or project which won in 2016 or earlier may be entered this year if it has changed substantially, making a different community impact than previously recognised.
  2. If your programme or project was shortlisted in 2016 you are welcome to apply again this year. The judges, however, will want to see ways in which your programme has developed over the past year.
  3. If your organisation won a Lord Mayor’s Dragon Award for this initiative in 2016, it should not be entered again in 2017. You are welcome to apply to any of the 2017 Dragon Award categories with a different programme or project.
  4. If you won the Heart of the City Award for best new community programme in 2016 for the entirety of your strategic community engagement programme, you may enter any of the 2017 categories.

Use in promotion of the Awards:

  1. Your responses to the questions may be used on the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards website, Twitter feed, and for press releases. Any photographic material you provide may also be used on the website or to promote the Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards or other City Corporation work, unless otherwise specified. However, this material will not be considered by the judges.