History of the Awards

Photo: History of the Awards

History of the Awards

The Dragon Awards were founded in 1987 by the then Lord Mayor, Sir David Rowe-Ham.

A press release for the launch of the Awards in 1987 noted that, 'The City has recently been charged with a lack of care, and for not becoming involved in the problems of inner cities existing on its door step.' The Dragon Awards were designed to show not only how much work has already been done, but also to encourage more companies and financial institutions to become involved in their local communities. Both of these factors still form an integral part of the Dragon Awards' brief today.

The Awards were the first of their kind in the UK, and remain the only London-wide scheme that recognises Responsible Business. Since the first Awards, over 150 Dragon Awards have been given to companies ranging from small local enterprises, to large multi-national businesses.

The name and the Award statuettes are based on the dragons that have guarded the gates to the City of London for centuries. These dragons can also be found on the City of London's coat of arms.