Photo: Lord Mayor

Lord Mayor's Award - Business of Trust Champion 

This special Lord Mayor’s Award - The Business of Trust Champion is being launched to celebrate the Lord Mayor’s theme for the 2018 Mayoral year.

The Award celebrates businesses that care about the impact of low levels of public trust in business and are championing responsible business practices to create a lasting legacy of better business trusted by society.


To be eligible the following should be true of the initiative entered in this category:

  • The organisation cares about the impact of low levels of public trust in business and is prioritising trustworthiness within its own business.
    • What are the challenges associated with low levels of public trust in business and why does your business care? For example, impact on brand, reputation, profit, stakeholder engagement. (If you have any data to support this please share it).
    • What plans does the business have in place to embed trusthworthiness and respond to any associated challenges? You are not expected to be able to evidence the impact of these plans, but you must demonstrate an ambitious and clear approach to putting responsible practices at the heart of your business, for example, through more consultation, staff training and engagement, culture initiatives, governance changes and increased measurement, reporting and storytelling.
  • The organisation is championing issues related to trust through internal and external communications.
    • For example, advocating for and championing responsible business practices through external press, advertising or internal engagement events.
  • The organisation is encouraging external parties to engage in the debate on the changing role of business in society.
    • For example, by participating in relevant conversations and events with a business and/or public audience, and engaging with your network (supply chain, clients, customers, etc) on the topic, so that it gains greater momentum and traction. 
  • The organisation must be a private sector, UK based business.
  • Individuals, public bodies, voluntary sector organisations and social enterprises are not eligible to apply to this award but may nominate an eligible business. 

When making an application please follow the Lord Mayor's Award - Business of Trust Champion - Guidance and Scoring card document where you will find further information about the Award and a guide on how to answer each question on the application form.