About Mansion House

Information about Mansion House

Mansion House is a rare surviving Georgian town palace in London. With its magnificent interiors and elegant furniture, the Mansion House provides the Lord Mayor of the City of London with living, working and entertainment space. Built in the age of Hogarth, the Mansion House, then as now, is a symbol of the City of London as the world's leading international financial and trading centre.

The Lord Mayor's Dragon Awards annual celebration dinner is held in the Great Egyptian Hall, a grand room seating 350 guests. It should really be known as the Roman Hall as it is based on designs by the classical Roman architect Vitruvius of Roman buildings in Egypt, with giant columns supporting a narrower attic area. The Italian architect Andrea Palladio was much taken by this style in the 16th century and it was very fashionable in the 18th century. There is nothing Egyptian about the decoration. The marble statues date from 1854-64 and the stained glass from 1868. The paintwork is close to the original stone colour, which with the gilding is intended to create a dignified effect appropriate to this great civic interior.