Body and Soul


Name of Company:Body and Soul
Programme Name:Partnership with Red Door Communications
Staff in London:15

Body & Soul provides support for children, young people and families affected by HIV in the UK. Having never had the resources to implement a communications department, Body & Soul started partnering with Red Door Communications (RDC) in 2008 to lead the charity’s communications strategy. RDC have in particular helped Body & Soul promote the campaign ‘Life in My Shoes’ which challenges the fear and misunderstanding that surrounds HIV. RDC trained staff at the charity to help raise the media profile and delivered a series of media training sessions for young people aged between 16-24 living with or closely affected by HIV.

Since the pairing began, ten young people have reported increased communications skills and confidence through taking part in media training. As a result, three have spoken publicly at City Hall, four are starring in films, four have been interviewed for press articles and one is taking part in a Channel 4 documentary. Furthermore, the ‘Life In My Shoes’ campaign has achieved increased press exposure: in 2011 the campaign reached over 12 million people through print, online, television and radio press.