Guy Fox History Project Limited


Name of Company:Guy Fox History Project Limited
Programme Name:Partnership with UBS
Staff in London:2

Guy Fox History Project is an educational charity that delivers arts and heritage projects which empower and inspire children to learn about the world around them. Guy Fox is a cartoon fox who believes you can learn anything you want to!

With a mutually beneficial partnership in mind, Guy Fox and UBS have been working together to create educational activities for children. UBS has supported Guy Fox with funding, volunteering and business support to deliver a wealth of educational workshops in which children create illustrate books for other children. In return Guy Fox provides creative input into UBS’s Community Affairs strategy, recruitment and learning programmes, creating unique, skills enhancing activities.

The partnership has impacted the community in many ways. 460 children have gained knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence. The educational resources created in these workshops have been distributed to 65,000 children. Guy Fox’s distribution network for free educational resources has doubled, and schools have measured an increase in pupil attendance on days when Guy Fox workshops take place.