Name of Company:Pilotlight
Programme Name:Partnership with RBS, Markets and International Banking
Staff in London:20

Teams of graduates from RBS worked with small charities where the RBS graduates were challenged to create practical solutions to real issues faced by the small charities. The scheme was devised by Pilotlight, which brings together business leaders with small charities to mentor and coach them.

The tasks included developing a new numeracy app for children who are struggling with maths, a new marketing campaign to attract funders and scoping out the creation of a social enterprise. One of the charities, Reading Quest, said that the graduates had taken them “a huge step” closer to their dream of creating a trading arm.

For the graduates, working with a charity in such a hands-on way brought home the tough challenges small charities face on a daily basis, while giving them skills to take back into the workplace. Pilotlight hopes this unique programme will help lead to a lifetime of philanthropy for these young people.