London Wildlife Trust


Name of Company:London Wildlife Trust

London Wildlife Trust, based in Herne Hill has partnered with the Mace Foundation since 2012, with the key aim to enhance access to green spaces to communities in socially deprived areas (including in Hackney, Lewisham and Lambeth, which fall into the top 10 % of the most deprived areas in England).

London Wildlife Trust is dedicated to protecting London’s wildlife and wild spaces, improving lives for people in London by creating sustainable green spaces that improve wellbeing. Research from Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh has made a correlation between access to green spaces and a reduction in socioeconomic inequalities in mental well-being. 

Its winning partnership involved the establishment of a Volunteer Week, in which 500 Mace employees devoted time to practical upkeep of green spaces. The partnership continued and Mace employees regularly take part in skilled volunteering, as well as utilise LWT’s reserves for training events. Over the duration of the partnership, 1,500 Mace employees have volunteered, working alongside 40 LWT staff in improving community access to green spaces in 11 London boroughs. 

The partnership has helped to build stronger communities across the capital and increase their knowledge and involvement in the natural environment. Involvement includes learning opportunities, conservation work, preserving scarce habitats, helping communities work with nature and rainwater to prevent flooding.


  • 1500 Mace volunteers throughout the partnership
  • Improved community access to green spaces in 11 London boroughs
  • Establishment of a Volunteer Week