Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership

Name of Company:Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership

Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership for their work with Lloyd's of London

Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership (THEBP) aims to end poverty of opportunity through education partnerships with businesses. They connect young people with the world of work to enable them to broaden their horizons and fulfil their aspirations.

In 1991, in response to a national initiative to build links between schools and businesses, Lloyd’s of London provided seed funding and management support to set up THEBP. THEBP went on to build relationships with schools across the borough, enabling Lloyd’s to develop a structured community programme, which now includes 54 companies from across the Lloyd’s market, as well as a vast range of other companies that now all volunteer through THEBP. Lloyd’s and THEBP also pioneered a pilot literacy project, Reading Partners, to tackle low literacy attainment in Tower Hamlets schools. 25 years on, Reading Partners is now a flagship programme with 577 weekly Lloyd’s readers. 

As a result of Lloyd’s long-term commitment, THEBP has secured sponsorship from other large companies, and has been able to develop a secondary school project to help students reach their full potential. Young people in Tower Hamlets now have raised aspirations, improved academic attainment and employability skills, and a greater awareness of the world of work.

 “The various activities I participated in through THEBP have made me think about my future” Alumni student



  • 54 participating companies from across the Lloyd's market.
  • 577 weekly Lloyd's readers