The Bromley by Bow Centre

The Bromley by Bow Centre

Community Partner Award

For its partnership with Investec. The Bromley by Bow Centre works with Investec to empower people to create sustainable, profit making businesses – creating jobs, supporting the community and benefitting the environment. As a result of the partnership, 250 jobs have been created in East London from 44 social enterprises with a combined turnover of £2.3 million, with more than half being BME or woman led.


Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership

Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership for their work with Lloyd's of London

Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership (THEBP) aims to end poverty of opportunity through education partnerships with businesses. They connect young people with the world of work to enable them to broaden their horizons and fulfil their aspirations.

In 1991, in response to a national initiative to build links between schools and businesses, Lloyd’s of London provided seed funding and management support to set up THEBP. THEBP went on to build relationships with schools across the borough, enabling Lloyd’s to develop a structured community programme, which now includes 54 companies from across the Lloyd’s market, as well as a vast range of other companies that now all volunteer through THEBP. Lloyd’s and THEBP also pioneered a pilot literacy project, Reading Partners, to tackle low literacy attainment in Tower Hamlets schools. 25 years on, Reading Partners is now a flagship programme with 577 weekly Lloyd’s readers. 

As a result of Lloyd’s long-term commitment, THEBP has secured sponsorship from other large companies, and has been able to develop a secondary school project to help students reach their full potential. Young people in Tower Hamlets now have raised aspirations, improved academic attainment and employability skills, and a greater awareness of the world of work.

 “The various activities I participated in through THEBP have made me think about my future” Alumni student



  • 54 participating companies from across the Lloyd's market.
  • 577 weekly Lloyd's readers


London Wildlife Trust

London Wildlife Trust partnered with the Mace Foundation since 2012, with the key aim to enhance access to green spaces to communities in socially deprived areas (including in Hackney, Lewisham and Lambeth, which fall into the top 10 % of the most deprived areas in England).

London Wildlife Trust is dedicated to protecting London’s wildlife and wild spaces, improving lives for people in London by creating sustainable green spaces that improve wellbeing. Research from Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh has made a correlation between access to green spaces and a reduction in socioeconomic inequalities in mental well-being.

Its winning partnership involved the establishment of a Volunteer Week, in which 500 Mace employees devoted time to practical upkeep of green spaces. The partnership continued and Mace employees regularly take part in skilled volunteering, as well as utilise LWT’s reserves for training events. Over the duration of the partnership, 1,500 Mace employees have volunteered, working alongside 40 LWT staff in improving community access to green spaces in 11 London boroughs.

The partnership has helped to build stronger communities across the capital and increase their knowledge and involvement in the natural environment. Involvement includes learning opportunities, conservation work, preserving scarce habitats, helping communities work with nature and rainwater to prevent flooding.


  • 1500 Mace volunteers throughout the partnership
  • Improved community access to green spaces in 11 London boroughs
  • Establishment of a Volunteer Week


Logo: Beyond Food Foundation

Brigade Bar and Bistro

Brigade Bar and Bistro is a social enterprise restaurant that offers people who have been at risk of or have experienced homelessness routes into employment. The restaurant offers beneficiaries a certified apprenticeship programme with personal mentoring to improve their employment prospects. The Brigade Bar and Restaurant’s assets are owned by PwC and the venue is managed by De Vere Venues. Beyond Food Foundation provide expertise to develop and run the employability programme.

The programme is well organised and managed with all partners playing a crucial role. At the start of the initiative, all parties signed contracts which governed how the social enterprise would be set-up, managed, and monitored. At the operating level there are multiple touch-points between the partners and the partnership is monitored on a monthly basis by an operating committee. The partners have also recently conducted a strategic review of Brigade.

Since opening in September 2011, Brigade has employed 61 apprentices from Beyond Food Foundation and provided cooking workshops and employability workshops to over 250 people.


Logo: Pilotlight

Partnership with RBS, Markets and International Banking

Teams of graduates from RBS worked with small charities where the RBS graduates were challenged to create practical solutions to real issues faced by the small charities. The scheme was devised by Pilotlight, which brings together business leaders with small charities to mentor and coach them.

The tasks included developing a new numeracy app for children who are struggling with maths, a new marketing campaign to attract funders and scoping out the creation of a social enterprise. One of the charities, Reading Quest, said that the graduates had taken them “a huge step” closer to their dream of creating a trading arm.

For the graduates, working with a charity in such a hands-on way brought home the tough challenges small charities face on a daily basis, while giving them skills to take back into the workplace. Pilotlight hopes this unique programme will help lead to a lifetime of philanthropy for these young people.


Logo: Guy Fox History Project Limited

Partnership with UBS

Guy Fox History Project is an educational charity that delivers arts and heritage projects which empower and inspire children to learn about the world around them. Guy Fox is a cartoon fox who believes you can learn anything you want to!

With a mutually beneficial partnership in mind, Guy Fox and UBS have been working together to create educational activities for children. UBS has supported Guy Fox with funding, volunteering and business support to deliver a wealth of educational workshops in which children create illustrate books for other children. In return Guy Fox provides creative input into UBS’s Community Affairs strategy, recruitment and learning programmes, creating unique, skills enhancing activities.

The partnership has impacted the community in many ways. 460 children have gained knowledge, skills, motivation and confidence. The educational resources created in these workshops have been distributed to 65,000 children. Guy Fox’s distribution network for free educational resources has doubled, and schools have measured an increase in pupil attendance on days when Guy Fox workshops take place.

Logo: Body and Soul

Partnership with Red Door Communications

Body & Soul provides support for children, young people and families affected by HIV in the UK. Having never had the resources to implement a communications department, Body & Soul started partnering with Red Door Communications (RDC) in 2008 to lead the charity’s communications strategy. RDC have in particular helped Body & Soul promote the campaign ‘Life in My Shoes’ which challenges the fear and misunderstanding that surrounds HIV. RDC trained staff at the charity to help raise the media profile and delivered a series of media training sessions for young people aged between 16-24 living with or closely affected by HIV.

Since the pairing began, ten young people have reported increased communications skills and confidence through taking part in media training. As a result, three have spoken publicly at City Hall, four are starring in films, four have been interviewed for press articles and one is taking part in a Channel 4 documentary. Furthermore, the ‘Life In My Shoes’ campaign has achieved increased press exposure: in 2011 the campaign reached over 12 million people through print, online, television and radio press.


Logo: St Luke's Trust

Partnership with Hogan Lovells LLP

St Luke’s aim to improve the lives of people in South Islington by tackling worklessness, isolation of older people and the alleviation of poverty. The area is a recognised area of high deprivation and has been designated by Central Government as needing intensive support.

Hogan Lovells work with St Luke’s on ten long-running community projects and have part-funded a Business Link Officer position to help develop relationships between local businesses and the community to tackle neighbourhood priorities.

Since 2009, Hogan Lovells staff have volunteered almost 1000 hours and have engaged a further 30 businesses to support St Luke’s, directly impacting the lives of over 2000 people in the South Islington area.


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Logo: Hidden Art

Partnership with UBS

Hidden Art is a not-for-profit membership organisation that supports and promotes designer-makers based in London and beyond, while offering companies and members of the public access to original design.

In 1992 UBS were invited to help define a strategy for the development of Hidden Art and since then a long standing partnership has developed. Hidden Art has provided unique opportunities for UBS to support local creative enterprises through volunteering and collaborations with local schools. UBS have provided board membership and CEO mentoring, IT knowledge sharing and employment advice from their HR executives.

Over the duration of the partnership the membership of Hidden Art has increased by over 1500% and almost 2,500 designer-makers have been supported, who in turn have brought around 200,000 visitors to East London to purchase their work – generating sales of almost £1.5million.