Deutsche Bank, Linklaters & UBS


Name of Company:Deutsche Bank, Linklaters & UBS
Nominated By:East London Business Alliance
Programme Name:Project Shoreditch
Staff in London:7000


Project Shoreditch is a unique partnership between East London Business Alliance (ELBA), Deutsche Bank, Linklaters, UBS and the Shoreditch Trust with the aim of involving business to promote regeneration of the community. Working directly with the Theme Managers at the Shoreditch Trust (the New Deal for Communities organisation in this area), Project Shoreditch is able to focus its objective to place employee volunteers into organisations within the area, thus directly benefiting the community and assisting with regeneration of this deprived area of Hackney.


Project Shoreditch was designed to give equal weight of support from each of the corporate partners with direction by Shoreditch Trust. ELBA acts as a broker between the community and private sector and oversees the day to day management of the project. To ensure consistency and maximise the impact of work with grassroots organisations, a Project Manager is based 1 day a week at the ELBA offices and 4 days a week seconded to the Shoreditch Trust offices.

To support this partnership and ensure its strategic aims the ELBA Hackney Board meets quarterly, chaired by a Managing Director at UBS and containing representation from the relevant members of Team Hackney, the Hackney Strategic Partnership board.

Communication is vital to the success of the project and consists of, amongst other elements, such as regular update meetings with the theme managers at the Shoreditch Trust, outreach and developing relationships with over 35 organisations including 6 schools, and the Project Shoreditch Steering Group which meets every 6 weeks.

Recruitment of volunteers takes place via a variety of means including volunteer recruitment sessions, presentations to staff teams, volunteer newsletters, volunteer exhibitions, intranet articles, emails, posters etc. ELBA provides mentoring training and facilitates the introductory meetings for all business volunteering as well as providing guidance to team leaders undertaking Team Challenges. A leaflet has been designed and produced which communicates to local organisations the support available through Project Shoreditch.


Project Shoreditch was launched in April 2005 and to date over 1,000 employee volunteers from Deutsche Bank, Linklaters and UBS have supported over 40 Shoreditch based organisations and schools through: team challenges, pro-bono legal advice, business planning, mentoring, training, web design, workplace visits, tickets to London events, trips to art galleries, fundraising and more. The project has reached over 7500 Shoreditch residents, worked with 35 community groups, 6 schools, 8 small businesses, and 3 teams within the public sector.

35 mentors have been matched with long term unemployed residents and disaffected young people through Jamie Oliver's Fifteen Restaurant and the Hoxton Apprentice. All 3 businesses have financially supported these organisations. A further 21 mentors are working with other Shoreditch organisations e.g. Digital Bridge, Shoreditch Audiences, SKY Partnership and the Street Level Project to support the development of employees. Business volunteers have also been utilised to help Shoreditch residents improve their employabliity through raising aspirations and helping with interview skills.

UBS volunteers have worked with the Innovatory (a social enterprise training association) assisting with developing loans for small businesses and social enterprises based in Hackney. The Patrtners have also supported 8 small businessed including Joule, a social enterprise Events Company which organises the Shoreditch Festival, by providing business mentors and advice on issues such as safely running events.

Volunteers from Linklaters worked with Hackney Play Association to create a newsletter for "at risk" voluntary organisations. Over 30 organisations now have the skills to ensure their premises are secured.

£49,500 has been raised through gifts in-kind and over £90,000 has been leveraged through in-kind support. Project Shoreditch continues to work with over 35 voluntary groups to ensure they become sustainable through business volunteer placements.

Shoreditch Digital Bridge aims to bridge the digital divide and increase access to services creating one of the largest broadband communities in Europe. Mentors from Linklaters and UBS have been matched with the CEO and Operations Director of Digital Bridge and other volunteers from ELBA member companies are supporting the development of the business plan. Legal advice has also been brokered for the Housing Team to help develop a Community Land Trust model for affordable housing.