Mace Sustain


Name of Company:Mace Sustain
Programme Name:Regeneration and Inclusion Programme
Staff in London:33


The Mace Sustain regeneration and inclusion project provides construction employment and training opportunities with a view to engaging the communities in which the Mace Group works. The project focuses primarily on those facing barriers to employment: those with few or no skills, long-term unemployed, homeless, women, lone parents and people from minority ethnic groups. The project works with employment services, New Deal partnerships, local authorities, colleges, refugee organisations, women's groups and various other local community organisations to match local people to training and employment opportunities on Mace Group projects.

Mace Sustain believes that construction projects can deliver a substantial increase in local employment opportunities. These opportunities have the potential to improve the low economic activity rates and address both the higher levels of unemployment in the communities that we are operating in and the current industry skills shortages.

By providing appropriate screening and training, as well as further mentoring and support once new recruits are in place, regeneration & inclusion managers can help reduce staff turnover and ensure that recruitment costs are kept to a minimum.


The programme was established in 2001 on the basis that as construction and project management specialists, Mace Group was in a unique position to leverage its supply chain, clients and local outreach organisations to benefit the localities in which the business was operating.

The London programme is run by seven managers and championed by the Chief Executive. An executive steering group has been established with representation from Mace Sustain, key clients such as Southwark Council and key training organisations such as Constructing Skills. As well as overseeing the programme, this group is a forum where our partners share good practice and learning from elsewhere in London.

A wide range of key performance indicators (KPIs) have been introduced and are monitored both internally and by external partners. Targets are set for specific groups such as under 25s, those from BAME backgrounds and women and the number of training and sustainable employment outcomes are also measured. The social inclusion programme has been so successful that it is now recognised as an integral part of the Mace Group service.


Since 2001 the Mace Sustain regeneration and inclusion project has engaged and supported more than 1,500 beneficiaries across London. All beneficiaries have received an information advice and guidance session, and created an individual learning plan. 75 percent of all beneficiaries engaged in the programme have gained a construction related qualification, 15 percent of all beneficiaries have been women, and 65 percent of all beneficiaries have been from black and minority ethnic groups. Over 500 beneficiaries entered full time employment through the scheme

"I contacted Sustain after a friend gave me the number and my life has changed since I did. I had been unemployed for about five months and before that I'd been doing agency work. Now I am the logistics team ganger with Wilson James and in a few weeks time I'm going for my NVQ1... I can't believe how much my life has changed! It's great!"
Programme participant