London City Airport


Name of Company:London City Airport
Programme Name:Take Off into Work
Staff in London:480

London City Airport’s Take Off into Work programme aims to address the fact that unemployment in Newham, at 10.1%, is almost double the average in the UK*. The programme provides airport-specific employability training and into-work support for unemployed Newham residents.

The Take Off into Work programme is provided at least five times a year, including two weeks of training followed by a work placement and interview with a London City Airport employer. The objective is to raise aspirations and help candidates into work, whilst also having the added benefit of saving participating employers on recruitment costs – estimated to be over £1000 per job role.

In just over a year, the airport has supported 101 local residents into employment – 5% of whom had never worked prior to the programme and 78% had been unemployed for six months or longer.

*Based on 2008 figures