British Airways


Name of Company:British Airways
Nominated By:Hillingdon Business Forum
Programme Name:British Airways Community Learning Centre



The British Airways Community Learning Centre provides interactive airline focussed activities relevant to the primary, secondary and special school curriculum. The Centre runs a Global Education Week programme, which enables primary school children to understand and celebrate the cultural diversity of the world. Workshops are developed to create an awareness of the different food, clothes, environmental issues, history, music and dance from countries such as India, China and South Africa.

The Community Learning Centre also runs its own Language Exam programme, offers confidence building workshops for local 16-19 years old preparing for interviews as apprentices at the London Borough of Hillingdon, and provides a computer club for girls.


The programmes delivered by the Community Learning Centre were designed and conceptualised through collaboration with teachers, education business partnerships and other educational organisations to ensure relevance to the community.

The centre is managed by the Community Investment Manager and run by a full-time member of staff. The aims and objectives of the Community Learning Centre are linked to British Airway's core business and its Good Neighbour value which are driven by the Chief Executive.


Since the Community Learning Centre's launch in 1999, over 50,000 guests have visited the centre and over 500 hundred British Airways volunteers have supported the programmes. The centre has helped nearly 9,000 students pass the Language Flag Award exam which highlights the importance of language in the workplace and has encouraged a number of students to continue studying linguistics.

‘The high quality activities are an excellent example of how businesses can get involved in education.'

Jamela Khan, Ealing & Hillingdon Education Business Partnership