Bank of America Merrill Lynch


Name of Company:Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Programme Name:Financial Education and Employability Programme
Staff in London:5000

The Financial Education and Employability programme, supported by Bank of America Merrill Lynch was launched in Bow, Mulberry and Swanlea schools in 2005. It is aimed at the development of students’ employability skills, business awareness and financial literacy.

All students aged 12 to 15 are engaged over three consecutive years, with further activities provided for a select number of alumni students to help them prepare for university.

4,500 students have progressed through the programme since it began, 2,000 students participate each year and 550 are introduced annually. The percentage of students achieving at least five good GCSEs (including English and Maths) has increased by 78%, 51% and 52% at Swanlea, Mulberry and Bow schools respectively, against a national average of 18%.

Swanlea and Mulberry schools have recently achieved outstanding Ofsted reports which acknowledged Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s contribution.