Name of Company:IBM

Tech giant IBM is working in partnership with London Connected Learning Centre to work with primary teachers from London schools and help them effectively teach the Computing Curriculum, which was introduced back in 2014. The teachers then cascade this information to other teachers, helping them demonstrate computing to pupils in an inspiring and practical way.

The long-term aim from IBM’s perspective is that the next generation will be not only computer literate, but that some will go on to become the next digital pioneers that make-up the pipeline of talent close to IBM’s Southbank offices.

While the London Connected Learning Centre has the teaching/learning expertise, IBM offers the teachers access to state of the art technology including Chef Watson (a form of Artificial Intelligence) and fascinating demonstrations of computing in action, so participants can explore computational thinking in a way that relates to young people. The programme was set up by IBM to provide a solution to many teachers who were worried they didn’t have the skills to teach the new curriculum and the lack of CPD and training available. 

Social impacts

  • 110 school visits by IBM volunteers to support teachers and students
  • 5,400 primary school students improved their computing skills
  • 100% of the subject leaders felt better equipped to deliver the new computing curriculum
  • 15 teachers received IBM ‘Teacher Mentors’ providing on-going support
  • 600 volunteering hours contributed
  • £15,000 donated and match-funded by the DfE

Business impacts

  • Equipping young people with vital digital skills is an opportunity to build a talent pipeline local to IBM offices.
  • 55 IBM employees volunteered through the programme in London
  • 82% felt their skills had improved by supporting  teachers/students
  • 81% indicated their job satisfaction has increased since volunteering on this programme.