Liberum Capital

Name of Company:Liberum Capital

Liberum Capital for supporting disadvantaged children and families in partenrship with School Home Support

For five years, Liberum have been working closely with School-Home Support (SHS) to help local disadvantaged children and young people to improve their literacy skills, confidence and aspirations. Many of these young people face homelessness, domestic violence and extreme poverty.

Each year, over 50 young people benefit from the company’s support through weekly reading groups and aspiration-raising sessions, which now also engage parents in order to help them support their children’s employment pathways. Staff also fundraise to help provide professional support for families.

Partnering with SHS has changed the ethos of Liberum with 82% of employees now feeling more connected to their employer. The partnership has also had a long-term impact on the company’s recruitment practices, opening up employment opportunities to people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“We have recruited more people from disadvantaged backgrounds since we’ve been working with SHS because we understand people’s struggles and pasts more.” HR adviser, Liberum Capital



  • 50 young people supported each year
  • 82% of Liberum Capital employees feel more connected to their employer as a result of the SHS partnership