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Oliver Wyman for London Social Impact Programme

Oliver Wyman’s Social Impact programme sets aside a percentage of the London office’s capacity to deliver pro bono consulting for not-for-profits and charities. Project teams provide advice to Boards, CEOs and senior executives, helping them to solve complex strategic and organisational problems to support them in achieving greater social impact. For example, learning disability charity, Pursuing Independent Paths, were supported by Oliver Wyman to develop a business plan that would grow their capacity and generate a 50% increase in services delivered.

In total, Oliver Wyman have provided over 2,000 pro bono days to support 20 London charities. This has engaged 30% of their workforce and 90% of the charities state it has helped achieve long-term impact.

“Our programme gives charities access to professional support and skills normally out of their rich, which can be truly transformational.”  George Rose, Engagement Manager, Oliver Wyman



  • Over 2,000 pro bono days provided to support 20 London charities
  • 30% of Oliver Wyman workforce engaged 
  • Pursuing Independent Paths, a participating charity were able to generate a 50% increase in services delivered
  • 90% of the charities that have participated in the programme state it has helped achieve long-term impact