Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman for London Social Impact Programme

Oliver Wyman’s Social Impact programme sets aside a percentage of the London office’s capacity to deliver pro bono consulting for not-for-profits and charities. Project teams provide advice to Boards, CEOs and senior executives, helping them to solve complex strategic and organisational problems to support them in achieving greater social impact. For example, learning disability charity, Pursuing Independent Paths, were supported by Oliver Wyman to develop a business plan that would grow their capacity and generate a 50% increase in services delivered.

In total, Oliver Wyman have provided over 2,000 pro bono days to support 20 London charities. This has engaged 30% of their workforce and 90% of the charities state it has helped achieve long-term impact.

“Our programme gives charities access to professional support and skills normally out of their rich, which can be truly transformational.”  George Rose, Engagement Manager, Oliver Wyman



  • Over 2,000 pro bono days provided to support 20 London charities
  • 30% of Oliver Wyman workforce engaged 
  • Pursuing Independent Paths, a participating charity were able to generate a 50% increase in services delivered
  • 90% of the charities that have participated in the programme state it has helped achieve long-term impact



Aimia is a data-driven marketing and loyalty analytics company. It established the Aimia's 'Data Philanthropy'(DP) programme to harness market-leading private sector knowledge, experience and resources to help charities better understand their impact using interpretation of data.

The programme has supported 40 charities to gain this understanding, leading to over £2.5million of pounds of new funding and enhancing the outcomes for the charitires’ beneficaries. The volunteers support the charities through hackathon events, making private sector statistical tools available to the charitable sector for free, and provison of long-term data specialist mentors. Three charities that have benefitted from the support from Aimia include Centrepoint, Greenhouse and Place2Be. The charities have secured new funding on the back of being able to better evidence their impact among target demographics. Homeless charity, Centrepoint was able to use the data to make key decisions about staffing resources and the influence of different needs and backgrounds of young people, and whether thay have moved on effectively after Centrepoint. The programme has been so sucessful in strengthing the charitable sector, that the programme has been replicated in Canada, the US and Australia.

Olivia Curno from Place2Be said the charity had benefited from Aimia’s winning Data Philanthropy initiative. She said: “We had a huge amount of data stretching back 20 years. Aimia were able to assess all that the data, pick out interesting themes and trends, and help us understand the impact we have on the children we support.”



  • 40 charities supported
  • Aimia staff volunteered 15,000 of pro bono analytic support
  • Charities were able to unlock a funding stream of over £2m
  • Data Philanthropy programme replicated in Canada, US and Australia


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Providence Row Property Development Strategy

GL Hearn has helped Providence Row become financially sustainable by providing pro bono expertise on unlocking value in their property portfolio.

The target was to create a sustainable income model through better use of the charity’s buildings. GL Hearn assessed the charity’s property assets, giving pro bono advice to understand the business case for selling a building, ensuring Charity Commission compliance, and how to put the property plan into action.

GL Hearn staff also provided guidance for managing existing buildings, advice on maintenance, managing tenancies and updating property valuations. A senior member of staff has now become a trustee of the charity.

Changes made thanks to GL Hearn’s support have created significant and sustainable regular net income of up to £150,000 each year and a development site with a potential value of £5million. As a result of the professional services donated to Providence Row, a major client is now interested in retaining GL Hearn’s services on a separate project.