iMPOWER Consulting Ltd


Name of Company:iMPOWER Consulting Ltd
Programme Name:Community Involvement Programme
Staff in London:30


The programme was designed to offer 2 levels of involvement:

  1. Company-wide involvement:
    • Annual charity partner: It was critical to the success of the programme that all staff where involved from the beginning. Buy-in and support was achieved with all staff having the opportunity to nominate a charity and the successful partner being chosen by staff vote. One of the core activities during the year would be a company-wide volunteering day.
    • Environmental policy: Impact on the environment was minimised through implementing paper recycling, providing fair-trade tea and coffee in the office, purchasing recycled stationary products and introducing green cleaning products.
  2. Supporting individual involvement:
    • Payroll giving: made available to all staff and iMPOWER covered the cost of all processing fees.
    • Volunteering policy: gave each employee eight hours to spend per year to volunteer with a charity of their choice.
    • Employee sponsorship: iMPOWER committed to donate £50 for each employee participating in a charitable event.


The programme has been driven forward with unwavering senior level support. The Chief Executive and Board of Directors not only approved the commitment of time and resources, but actively endorse the programme and its progress at quarterly company meetings. The management of the programme has been incorporated into the marketing function and is managed by the Marketing Advisor (30% of her role). Where appropriate external agencies are used to provide additional support i.e. City Action to broker individual volunteering or Charities Trust to manage payroll giving.

Considerable time was devoted to designing a programme that was manageable with limited resource and that would allow a small organisation (24 staff at the time) to have an impact in the community. A clear programme objective and a set of targets based on external benchmarking provided a framework for the first year of the programme. A list of criteria was designed to support the identification of an ideal charity partner. All staff were invited to nominate charities that met the criteria and a partner was selected by staff vote.

The Marketing Advisor is responsible for organising events, communicating progress to all employees, monitoring the success of the programme, and liaising with charity partners. There is a weekly meeting with the Chief Executive to report on progress, who then updates the Directors at each board meeting.

The programme is reviewed annually to make improvements. This process includes a staff questionnaire, meetings with charity partners for feedback, and measurements against the key targets.


Information and knowledge: Kidscape touches the lives of approximately 45,000 children through a combination of training sessions and passing on skills to professionals who support children. The information gathered in the iMPOWER report provides insight into the perceptions and issues most relevant to primary school students. This information has informed the development of training materials and provided insight into how best to approach this age group.

Financial contributions: The money donated (£2,356.15) from the corporate contribution and individual fundraising has contributed to the production of a bully-free DVD for primary school children, to be used as a resource for teachers and carers to keep children safe. The intention is that the DVD will be sent to all primary schools and used in the education of tens of thousands of students over the coming years.

Volunteering: Through the company-wide volunteering day, Kidscape benefited from 8 hours of time from 24 volunteers (a total of 192 hours and value of £9,000). They benefited from consulting skills in order to analyse the data gathered, and Kidscape were able to reach a much larger number of children and teachers over the course of the day than would have been possible with their small team.

Donations: 2 laptops and office furniture (estimated total value of £1,200) was donated.

Supplier relationships and rates: Kidscape used corporate suppliers therefore benefiting from corporate rates.

The Head Teacher highlighted the benefits for students to interact with professionals including awareness of different careers and building self esteem. Over the course of the day, 333 students were educated about strategies to prevent bullying and a further 16 prefects were given training on recognising bullying and de-escalation techniques. 18 teachers and teaching assistants were trained on ways to reduce bullying.

"Apart from raising the general awareness on the topic of bullying within the Stockwell Primary School, the report produced by iMPOWER has given the Senior Management Team and staff the opportunity to review our behaviour policy and the channels of support available for the children."
- Janet Mulholland, Head Teacher, Stockwell Primary School