Name of Company:Capco
Programme Name:Establishing CSR initiative
Staff in London:200


Capco established their CSR programme in April 2007. The programme is focussed around community involvement, environmental responsibility and financial initiatives which facilitates employee engagement and development. They focus on using their skills as Consultants to maximise the benefits that they can offer to partner organisations.

At the heart of their initiative is the development of long term relationships with two local schools - Central Foundation School for Boys and Elizabeth Garrett Andersen. At Central Foundation School for Boys, Capco have developed a GCSE Business Studies 'Creative Thinking' workshop to assist students in the preparation of their GCSE coursework, they have also donated unwanted IT equipment to the school. At Elizabeth Garrett Andersen Girls School in Islington, Capco staff are involved with a pilot mentoring programme. Staff also participated in an activity day to give the media studies classroom a make over, saving the school approximately £1,000.

Alongside their schools programme, Capco activities have included: work with the Brokerage Citylink, setting up an A Level UCAS workshop to help students with university applications, development of a workshop to assist students with employability, an activity day to create a play area at Buffer Bears Nursery, Waterloo, and a collection for Cancer Research UK.


Capco's CSR initiative is run and managed by a committee of 12 employees who are employed as full-time consultants and give their time to the CSR programme voluntarily. The committee have an allocated 'lead' for each relationship and meet fortnightly to discuss progress. CSR newsletters are distributed to staff monthly to keep momentum going within the firm.

Capco's programme has established wide scale involvement from across the firm including at partner level. Their CEO has attended a number of functions to better develop his understanding of the programme and in order to meet Capco's stakeholders. As a sign of the programme's success, the budget was raised substantially in its second year, and a level agreed on the number of hours that staff can use for CSR work.


Capco have hosted three workshops for the Brokerage Citylink which introduced 48 students to the world of work. The mentoring programme at Elizabeth Garrett Andersen School worked with eight students in its pilot year. The GCSE business studies workshops with Central Foundation Boys School have raised the communication capabilities of 100 students. Capco have also raised over £500 worth of donations which have gone to various charities.

"It is great to be working with a young team who are so keen to make a difference... the mentees now always stop to talk to me whenever they see me in the corridors and introduce me to their friends with the hope that I can arrange mentoring for them too... As a school with a long established tradition for mentoring, we particularly welcome Capco's mentoring project...we are very grateful to Capco for permitting their staff to work alongside the staff and parents of EGA pupils to raise both the attainment and the achievement of our girls" Deputy Head, Elizabeth Garrett Andersen Girls School.