Name of Company:8build
Programme Name:Giving Back Initiative
Staff in London:45


8build's Giving Back Initiative supports the local community by focusing on areas such as maintaining health and safety for construction employees, providing good and equal work conditions for employees, contributing to the sustainability of the economy and environment, in addition to providing customer service.

8build's community initatives have included providing work experience placements, staging careers days, staff volunteering days and fundraising.

8build also runs its Afili8 scheme for its suppliers which is aimed to spread 8build's good practice through its supply chain.


8build relies upon everyone within the organisation to get involved; as they believe that all aspects of the business have a duty to contribute back into society. Many of the company's initiatives are incorporated in the day to day running of 8build.


 The Giving Back Initiative has: provided ten students under the age of sixteen with work placements on site that have lasted up to six months, donated 1,651 hours to volunteering projects, supported 44 different charities, and donated £22,950 to charities.

Through their commitment to Corporate Responsibility 8buid have also managed to change the attitudes and mindsets of clients and professional team and demonstrate to them the benefits that 8builds approach can bring.

"8build's contribution to the programme went beyond what we could have reasonably expected of you in terms of time, energy and resources put into it"