Catlin Underwriting Agencies Ltd


Name of Company:Catlin Underwriting Agencies Ltd
Programme Name:St Paul's Way Trust School - Catlin Trusteeship
Staff in London:850

In 2009, St Paul’s Way Community School was welcoming its third headteacher in 18 months, and had the worst examination results in Tower Hamlets. At the same time Catlin Underwriting were looking to develop a partnership opportunity with a local school, and agreed to pledge the resources and commitment necessary to help bring about a turn-around in the success of the school.

Volunteers from the firm have helped the school at all levels – for example offering financial planning expertise, marketing the school to the community, training for the reception staff and supporting the students on a variety of projects. This has resulted in big improvements at the school in a very short space of time.

In 2009, 29% of students achieved GCSE A*-C results. Following support from Catlin Underwriting, this increased to 47% in 2010. In March 2010 there were 67 confirmed offers of places for the school’s Year 7 intake and by May 2011, following the company’s marketing and rebranding advice, 189 places had been confirmed.

Catlin Underwriting have accepted an invite to become trustees of the new St Paul’s Way Trust School and a senior member of staff has joined the Governing Body – continuing their support to the recovery and success of the school.