Name of Company:UBS
Programme Name:The Bridge Academy, Hackney
Staff in London:9000


UBS has established a new independent state secondary school in Hackney through the Government's Academies programme. The Bridge Academy, Hackney, is a mixed, non-denominational school for 11-18 year olds. 187 students joined in September 2007 and by 2013 it will cater for 1,150 students, including 250 sixth formers. Specialising in music and mathematics, it teaches a broad and rich curriculum and is a local school for students of all abilities. The academy's mission is to "give young people the best possible education, whatever their background or ability, and to help them develop a lifelong enthusiasm for learning."

Up to the end of 2007, UBS had contributed 8,562 volunteer hours to the Bridge Academy, involving 700 volunteers. Volunteering roles included mentoring opportunities, student induction, sports activities and ICT workshops as well as specialist strategic advice on security, catering, procurement, Human Resources, legal and IT issues. Six senior staff members from UBS sit on the Academy's Board of Governors.

Not only have UBS made a substantial financial investment to the Academy themselves, but they have also leveraged donations from staff and clients.


A full-time UBS/Bridge Academy Hackney Relationship Manager sits within Community Affairs team and is responsible for partnership management and delivery. During the programme's set up phase, UBS used educational advisors to aid with the programme design.

The project is monitored by a Charity Committee which is made up of 12 UBS Managing Directors. Progress is measured by: student, parent/carer feedback, Student 'value-added' measures and admission figures to the Academy. The benefits to UBS are also measured in terms of reputation by looking at volunteer and client feedback and the volume of any positive internal/external communications.


UBS's support of the Bridge Academy has had a direct positive impact on first intake of 187 Year 7 students and families. For example, there has been unprecedented (local) overall attendance level to date (96 percent) increasing students' anticipated educational attainment. 90 percent of students are currently learning a musical instrument. By 2013, 1,150 children will benefit annually.

In the first intake of students, 100 percent of students agreed with statement 'I am enjoying my lessons', 92 percent of Parents or carers agreed that 'the Academy is well-led and managed'. Early indications show that that Key Stage 3 targets will be achieved putting the Bridge Academy in the top 10 percent CVA (Contextual Value Added: Performance Tables) schools in UK.

"Attendance figures are so high because no-one wants to miss anything."

"The enormous contribution of staff from across UBS [for The Bridge Academy project] shows what a superb contribution the 'whole' of a business can make to society when it determined."
Alan Wood, CEO, TLT

"Sustainability [is at] the forefront of UBS's thinking. If this is the scale of association you can get between a leading commercial organisation and a London Borough through the development of one academy, think what could happen if more organisations like UBS were engaged in academies nationwide."
Lord Andrew Adonis, chief architect Academies programme