British Land


Name of Company:British Land
Programme Name:West Euston Community Support
Staff in London:150


In 1984, British Land purchased a large area of property in West Euston in Camden. West Euston is an area with high levels of deprivation and high levels of social exclusion; so the West Euston Community Support programme addresses the challenges facing the local area, working with people on a committed basis. The support includes management time, skills, expertise, as well as access to facilities and financial contributions.


The West Euston Community Support project is managed through senior executive's on-going support of organisation in the West Euston area. Factors such as executives governing West Euston schools, local residents getting involved in the Community Support project, in addition to British Land obtaining feedback from volunteers and community partners had led to the success and sustainability of the West Euston Community Support programme.


Since the 1990s, British Land has built a new One-Stop-Shop, a local crèche and is building a new community theatre. They are re-developing estates along Osnaburgh Street and Hampstead Road, which will deliver an economic lift to the area, by providing residential units with over 60% of affordable housing and create 2,400 new jobs. Crime has dropped in the area, including burglary which has decreased by 30% since 2001 and assault by 20%.

Educational facilities have improved through direct investment and British Land's management assistance in the governance of South Camden Community School since 2005. British Land has also taken on work experience students.

‘I would like to thank British Land. This is an excellent partnership that will continue to grow and make a difference to the lives of people.'

Nasim Ali, Labour Councillor, Regent's Park Ward. Former Mayor of Camden