Name of Company:UBS
Programme Name:25 Years of UBS in hackney
Staff in London:6,615

For over 25 years, UBS has consistently addressed economic and social deprivation in the London Borough of Hackney. Success is achieved by strategic focus, long-term commitment and by deep-dive Hackney-based projects that are replicable.

By supporting initiatives such as the Bridge Academy to industry-wide initiatives such as East London Business Alliance, the community has benefitted from improvements to their aspirations, employability skills and academic performance. UBS has supported the roll-out of IntoUniversity that has enabled 70% of the 1,121 students they reach to progress to Higher Education. Continuing on the educaiton theme, UBS has been part of the borough’s strategy to support underperforming pupils – with long-term initiatives like reading in schools, through their partnership with the National Literacy Trust to roll out their family reading programme. UBS also drive economc regeneration by supporting 48 new business start-ups through their partner HBV.

Over 1,900 UBS employees from all levels volunteered last year, providing over 16,000 hours of support. Since 2005, UBS has directed over £12m of support, (financial, in-kind and employee volunteering) into Hackney. This supported a total of 5,047 individuals.