Broadgate Estates & Knightsbridge Guarding

Name of Company:Broadgate Estates & Knightsbridge Guarding
Programme Name:'Reaching Out' Cambridge House


Cambridge House is a voluntary organisation based in Southwark since 1889, that provides community projects to service users across 14 London boroughs. 1,200 people access Cambridge House's services every week.

In 2007, Broadgate Estates launched The Reaching Out programme in order to build the management and administrative functions of Cambridge House. Knightsbridge Guarding became a programme partner in 2008, and brought the skills and experience of their corporate partners Eurotech and Vault IT.


Broadgate Estates chose Cambridge House as a partner following a visit organised by City Action. Senior executives were deliberately targeted in both companies in order to ensure that the partnership focussed on skills transfer and professional expertise.

Broadgate Estates have nominated a Director to manage the partnership on behalf of the service partners who has monthly meetings with Cambridge House.


Cambridge House has benefitted from services worth over £212k and 28 days of pro-bono specialist consultancy. This has enabled the charity to become more commercial and efficient, and the staff and trustees are able to focus the service provision for all their clients. Services provided include: IT advice, use of a human resources management system, property management consultancy, CCTV, a key holding service, health and safety and reception management training for Cambridge House staff, and cleaning contract advice.

"This partnership has made our charity more business like and increased our self-confidence...with support functions taken care of, we are able to focus on what we do best; which is helping the community."

Claire Gilhooly, CEO, Cambridge House