Reed Smith


Name of Company:Reed Smith
Programme Name:Creative:u~turn
Staff in London:540

Create/U-Turn is a project aimed at improving the lives of vulnerable and socially excluded women in East London and enabling them to build their confidence and self esteem, learn new skills and become integrated into the wider community. The project, which started in 2010, is run in partnership with Create, a creative arts charity, and the U-Turn Project, a small shelter which works with vulnerable and hard to reach women.

The project consists of a series of weekly creative courses, including jewellery making, art, creative writing, photography, drama and music, preceded by a shared lunch. Participants work with Create’s professional artists and Reed Smith volunteers who, due to the vulnerability of the participants, are all female.

Reed Smith wanted to work with this project as they knew that a long term partnership would have a significant impact on the participating women. All 15 participants of the 2011/12 project, agreed that the project helped them to develop their creativity and teamwork, enhanced their communication skills and learnt other new skills and ideas. Reed Smith will build on this success with a new round of the programme starting this autumn.