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Community Partners Award


The Following Guidance Notes will help you to fill in your application form:


What is assessed

The Community Partners category recognises good practice and innovation by community organisations (charities, schools, community groups, social enterprises) in working with businesses to facilitate their involvement in Greater London communities. It celebrates ways in which effective partnerships are built and maintained so that the benefits of corporate involvement (and especially employee volunteering) are maximised.


Be explicit and to the point

In your application, you must clearly demonstrate exactly how the community partner contributes towards an effective partnership with the business or public sector organisation. Try to limit your descriptions of the context of your project/programme (e.g. 'Tower Hamlets is one of the most deprived boroughs in the UK...'). While a short explanation of why a particular area and project has been chosen is required to demonstrate how the project responds to a need in the community the application should be primarily about your project,its impact, and your role in achieving this.


Focus on the difference the partnership has made

Tell us as much as possible about who has benefited and in what way. The judges will be keen to know what support has been given (by both the business and community organisation) and how this has enabled you to meet your joint aims. It may be that the partnership is focused on enabling smoother running of the community organisation, such as offering Human Resources, IT or business planning advice. In this case, please state the difference this has made to the management functions, but also how this may have also improved delivery of front line services.


Give a realistic assessment of your project

Be honest about any challenges or disappointments you have experienced. The judges know that community involvement can be frustrating as well as rewarding. They will take into account the challenges you have overcome.



In the application form, examples are given of information you should include in your answers (where relevant to your partnership). Please try to cover as many of these examples as possible.


Word limits

Each question has a protected maximum number of characters which allows for slightly more than the stated word limit. Do not feel that you must use all of the words available: previous winners frequently used fewer words than the word limit.


Details of those awarded

Two or more businesses or public sector organisations can be listed as the partner in an application, where they are working in equal partnership on a given project. In this case, please give the names of all the companies involved but only one set of primary contact details (indicating which company they are from) and one secondary contact for reference only.  Please note: The Community Partners Award recognises and awards the community partner, and not the business partner(s). Businesses and public sector organisations can be recognised by applying in the other five Awards categories.


Nominating a Community Organisation

If a corporate partner is nominating their community partner for the Community Partners Award, they must discuss the application with the community partner first. An email address for the community partner must be provided on the application form and the community partner will be notified when an application is received on their behalf.



We ask all community organisations to give the name and contact details of someone at a business that is mentioned in your application form, who can verify your programme or project. This person will be emailed upon receipt of the application form to verify your partnership. The email will read as follows: Dear Sir / Madam I have received an application to the Lord Mayor's Dragon Awards from [your name]. [Community Organisation name] has listed you as a partner who provides support to their organisation e.g. employee volunteers. If you are happy for this application to proceed to the judging round please do nothing. In the event that you have any concerns please contact 020 7332 1762 or


More help

Please get in touch if you require further support.

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