Guidance Notes and Conditions

Heart of the City Award


What is assessed

The Heart of the City Award for Best New Community Programme recognises businesses that have set up a strategic Community Involvement programme for the first time in the last three years (i.e. since March 2013). Ad hoc activities will not count towards the three year time limit. Please see the Heart of the City Award page for more information regarding what counts as a strategic community programme. 

This category does not recognise wider Corporate Social Responsibility e.g. environmental management, but judges the totality of your community involvement programme. Therefore, you must make reference to all of the individual community projects which make up your community programme (but you may wish to focus most of your available word count on one or a few projects which you are particularly proud of).


Be explicit and to the point

The judges read many applications, so if it is not clear what your community activity entails and the information is not concise, your application will not stand out. Try to limit your descriptions of the context of your project/programme (e.g. 'Tower Hamlets is one of the most deprived boroughs in the UK...'). While a short explanation of why a particular area and project has been chosen is required to demonstrate how the project responds to a need in the community, the application should be primarily about your project, its impact, and your role in achieving this.


Focus on the difference made

Tell us as much as possible about who has benefited and in what way. We would like to hear about the benefits to your organisation as well as the benefits to your community partners and their service users. We have requested that you include numbers and percentages, as well as qualitative data. Please do not be put off by this request - it simply aids the judges in evaluating the overall impact of your project. The judges will not compare the outcomes of small organisations to that of  large organisations, as all impact is judged in relation to inputs. Judges will look for a demonstration of commitment to the project and real benefits to a community. If you do not yet have any actual figures, and you wish to estimate them, please make this clear.


Give a realistic assessment

Be honest about any challenges or disappointments you have experienced. The judges know that community involvement can be frustrating as well as rewarding. They will take into account the challenges you have overcome.



In the application form, examples are given of information you should include in your answers (where relevant to your project). Please try to cover as many of these examples as possible.


Word limits

Each question has a protected maximum number of characters which is slightly more than the stated word limit. When you reach the character limit you will be unable to type any further. Do not feel that you must use all of the words available: previous winners frequently used fewer words than the word limit.


Details of those awarded

Two or more business or public sector organisations may apply jointly where they are working in equal partnership on a given project. In this case, please give the names of all the companies involved but only one set of primary contact details (indicating which company they are for) and one secondary contact for reference only. In the event that a joint application should win, all parties will receive Awards.



We ask all organisations to give the name and contact details of someone at a community organisation that is mentioned in your application form, who can verify your programme or project. This person will be emailed upon receipt of the application form to confirm your relationship. The email will read as follows: Dear Sir / Madam I have received an application to the Lord Mayor's Dragon Awards from [your name]. [Company name] has listed you as a community partner and have stated that they provide support to your organisation e.g. volunteers. If you are happy for this application to proceed to the judging round please do nothing. In the event that you have any concerns please contact 020 7332 1762 or


Chief Executive or equivalent email

Once we have received your form, we will email your Chief Executive or equivalent to ensure they are happy with your organisation applying for an Award. The email will read as follows: Dear Chief Executive, I have received an application to the Lord Mayor's Dragon Awards from [your name]. If you are happy for this application to proceed to the judging round please do nothing. In the event that you have any concerns please contact 020 7332 1762 or

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