Thinking of applying for an Award?

24 March 2015

The Lord Mayor’s Dragon Awards offers two free in person workshops for organisations thinking of applying for an Award. Run by preliminary judge Heather Barker and with talks from previous winners, they are a great opportunity to hone your application.

The workshops cover:

  • What work qualifies for an Award and our categories
  • The application process
  • Tips on applying as an SME
  • Examples of what makes a successful or unsuccessful application
  • A talk and Q&A with a previous winner


This year, our returning winner speakers are from GL Hearn, winner of the Strengthening the Third Sector Award 2014 (now renamed the Future Proofing Charities Award), and Beyond Food Foundation, winner of the Community Partners Award 2014.

The two workshops are held at the City Centre. They are:

To sign up, please click the links and you will be taken through to a registration page.


Can’t make it?

If you can’t make it to the workshops in person, we also have an online workshop available. You can download the PDF (838KB) any time to help you make the best application possible.



Please feel free to get in touch.